Tiri®: A single solution to support the full sourcing, contracting, and vendor management functions of your organization.

Built by Experts, for Experts.

All businesses rely on vendor relationships. After an exhaustive search of the market confirmed there were no existing products or combination of products to meet our sourcing, contracting, and vendor management needs, we developed our own.

Fast Facts

Tiri holds over:


Unique Vendor Profiles


Unique Actions




Total Spend

All things third-party. Together.

Everything you need to manage your vendors (Complete Vendor Lifecycle Management), manage your internal and external customers (Complete Customer Lifecycle Management), and efficiently operate a sourcing, contracting, and vendor management function.

Tiri gives you real-time status, full transparency into all aspects of your relationships, and pristine data quality.

Complete Vendor Lifecycle Management

(Buy Side)

Tiri tracks from picking the vendor, contracting with the vendor, managing the vendor, all the way to a successful exit. Vendor profiles and alerts, customer profiles, workflow, proactive calendar, documents, issues, and financial forecasts all in one place will maximize your company’s leverage.

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

(Sell Side)

Tiri tracks all activities with your internal and external customers from prospecting, to sales or internal services agreements, through customer relationship management. As two sides of the same coin, it provides full visibility into these third parties.


(Both Buy and Sell Side)

Tiri and the Tiri Operations Center ensure data quality. System controls enable consistent and complete usage, and our support staff is the second line of defense to data quality. Managing third parties is too critical to your operations to tolerate inaccurate data.

You need Tiri if you have experienced any of the following:

Aging relationship issues, including invoice errors.

Reactive, not proactive work without time to do it right.

Inability to complete third-party information on cyber and other insurance applications.

Urgent status questions, disconnected business owners, or role confusion.

Confusion on vendor acquisitions, divestitures, name changes, etc.

Disconnected vendor and technology assessments from the contracting process.

Time-consuming discovery in support of rationalization, cost reduction, or M & A activity.

The vendor knows more about the relationship than you do.

Surprise expiration or auto-renewal of a contract.

Incomplete governing documents – missing exhibits, amendments, related contracts, etc.

Surprise or missed obligations from either party.

Compliance issues from tracking the wrong metric or not understanding the contract.

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